Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inventions and Designs For the Third World

There are many good people out in the world trying to make life a little (or a lot) easier for the poor people of the world. Some of those people are inventing and designing products and shelter ideas for the third world. The top photo shows the ingenious Pot-in-pot cooler that uses no electricity and that is changing lives for the better wherever it's being used.
The other two pictures are of the rocket stove, another simple invention that is enhancing the life quality of many poor people around the globe. Below are links to some of the designs and inventions that are currently helpiung raise the quality of life for the poorest of the poor around our planet.
1. The Lifestraw makes dirty water clean and may be the most import invention of the century.
2. New products involving various water issues.
3. Rocket Stove
4. The Pot-in-Pot cooler. Electric-free refrigeration.
5. Inventions and designs for the third world.
6. Solar cookers and solar pasteurization
7. Wheelchairs for the third world.
Free Wheelchair Mission
8. Temporary Emergency Shelter Designs

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