Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get Organized Month

Do you have too many clothes?

I just found out that January is National Get Organized Month. Very fitting since I am on a decluttering kick and trying to simplify my surroundings.

Today I decided to go through my closets and my dresser to get rid of all the extra clothes I never wear.
It was harder than I thought it would be to part with some of these clothes, especially when you consider that I've never worn some of them!
How can you be attached to clothes you don't even wear? I don't know but I found out today that you can.

Still I made a good start and managed to fill a large garbage bag full of clothes to take to a local charity that supplies free clothing to anyone who needs it. I like to support them in any way I can, since I know there are many people who can't even afford thrift store prices right now.

Here's what I managed to get rid of:

2 wool sweaters
1 salmon colored suede jacket. What was I thinking when I got this? It didn't go with anything and looks cheap and tacky. I think I saw someone wearing a similar jacket once and, while they looked fabulous in theirs, mine looked better on the hanger so out it goes.
1 cotton sweater
1 green velour jacket
1 grey plaid jacket
2 pairs of herringbone check pants
1 green and black tartan skirt
1 long red skirt, sort of Christmas looking
3 pairs of pants
1 beige vest
1 long wrap-around skirt from India
1 black corduroy dress
2 long sleeved men's shirts
1 floral patterned Hawaiian shirt
1 olive green embroidered top, hideous and never worn
1 grey see-through top with frilly neckline. (Again, what was I thinking?)
1 maroon turtleneck sweater
1 sweatshirt
1 black coat

My closet looks and feels so much better and I feel lighter and better too.

What  have you done to declutter, simplify, or organize your life and your home this year?

an organized closet



Powell River Books said...

Our cabin is small, about 675 square feet. Before it felt so cluttered because I didn't have much space for kitchen things and a place to store my canning. When we added a 6X10 bathroom addition. That little bit of extra space gave us room to move the bathtub out of the storage room, add a compost toilet and a tall cupboard for my canning and extra large pots and pans. Now our kitchen, guest bedroom and storage room are all more organized. I sure like a more organized, simple life. - Margy

Terria Fleming said...

Hi Margy,
I've been following your blog for awhile, and I really like all the updates to your cabin especially your new bathroom addition. That just makes the place much more comfortable and cozy. I agree with you on the simple organized life. I am not perfect at this yet but I'm working on it.