Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Summer Plans

I will be working in another state for the summer so, while I will try to stay up to date with my posts, sometimes life has other plans for you.

I am super excited because I have been job hunting for 5 months now and the job I finally got is sort of a dream job for me. Plus it is in a beautiful scenic part of the country so, during my time off,  I plan to take lots of walks, maybe go backpacking or camping, etc.
Anyway I hope to have a very enjoyable summer. And I hope all of you do too.


SharleneT said...

Just so long as you keep notes and share some of those glorious walks, you can take the job... I'm so happy for you. May this end up being many years of enjoyable 'work' for you. HUGS.

Terria Fleming said...

Thanks Sharlene! I am starting my new job tomorrow.

John said...

Good luck on your new job, hope you have a lot of fun.

Terria Fleming said...

Hi John, Thanks! Yes it's been great here so far in the great land, ( a clue for you!). I love my job and the small town I'm living in is so scenic with beautiful friendly people living here.