Monday, January 14, 2013

My 7 Favorite Inspirational Blogs

My seven favorite inspiration blogs start out with Angels on Your Shoulder, a blog by Susan Gregg the author of The Encyclopedia of Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides and seven other books.
Susan offers a daily dose of angelic hope and guidance. I love Susan's blog because she is so loving, inspiring, and helpful with her advice on connecting with the angels and how to work with them.
Angels on Your Shoulder

Susan Gregg

I've learned so much from Joe Vitale about attracting money and abundance into my life, based on spiritual and real-world principles that work. I highly recommend all his work, but my all-time favorite is Attract Money Now. Follow the 7 steps outlined in this CD set and that's exactly what you'll do.
Joe Vitale Mr Fire

Joe Vitale

Planting trees and reforestation efforts are very important to me. The Arbor Foundation can't be beat for their amazing efforts to plant trees. Check out their various tree planting programs, including their gift tree programs like planting a tree in memory of a loved one, and their Rain Forest Rescue programs.
Arbor Day

Mary Ellen, or Angelscribe as she likes to be known, has written two books about miracles; Expect Miracles and A Christmas Filled With Miracles, and her blog/newsletter is filled with miracle stories, angel stories and information and much more. Mary Ellen is also a pet columnist with inspirational pet columns and helpful pet tips..
Mary Ellen Angelscribe's Angels on Earth

Mary Ellen/Angelscribe

Golden Age of Gaia is a wonderful blog with interesting, inspiring, and often mind-boggling posts about everything from Ascension to Disclosure, and everything in between. There are channeled posts from high quality channels, as well as political and societal updates on matters affecting us all.
Golden Age of Gaia

Steve Beckow of Golden Age of Gaia

Pwoje Espwa is a place of hope for over 600 of Haiti's many orphans and this blog, written by Father Marc Boisvert  the founder of Free the Kids and Pwoje Espwa, details the daily life and the trials and tribulations of trying to make miracles in a country of little hope and few miracles. There are lots of stories about the children, the many projects and programs going on, stories of volunteers who come for awhile to help, and heartbreaking photos of some of the many beautiful orphans.
Pwoje Espwa 

Father Marc with one of the children

Another mind-expanding and heart-opening blog by a wonderful teacher, healer, writer, and musician, Dieter Braun, a Cree, German, French man from Canada, is Indian in the Machine. The blog contains articles about heavy-duty detoxing ( a must nowadays), spirituality and ascension, what 2012 means, and much, much more.
Indian in the Machine

Dieter Braun

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