Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Music Mother Natures Universal Language Jill Mattson

Music - Natures Universal Language

Music encoded in biological structures  

"Sound and Music, could these be far more than we have thought them to be? Ancient Civilizations considered Music a mystical force and carefully guarded its secrets. Modern experts believe Sound energy can interact with and alter our subtle energies, opening up vast opportunities for healing and growth. The human voice contains voluminous information on the underlying state and wellness of the body. Musical compositions are grand "stories" employing numerous instruments, notes, pitches, rhythms, octaves and so on, producing a Holistic effect beyond the sum of the parts. As my dog knows very well, what sounds right, feels right. Music could be the universal language of nature and, deeper, mirror the grand plan that makes us, and our surrounding world, what we are."

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About Jill Mattson

Award Winning Author, Healing Sound Composer, and Artist

Jill Mattson is an author, artist, musician and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing. She has written four books and produced six CDs that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original Award winning musical compositions (Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD of 2012 – Silver Award). The CDs consist of intriguing, magical tracks that also offer deep healing and growth possibilities.
Jill lectures throughout the United States on Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing, taking followers on an exciting journey that reveals the healing power of sound. She unveils secrets from ancient cultures as well as the latest findings of the modern scientific community, showing the incredible potential and healing capabilities of sound. Jill draws on her extensive research of modern Sound Healing, and over 20 year study of ancient civilizations and secret societies in her music, lectures, workshops and writings.
Please visit her websites where you can learn more about her in-depth studies and work. Also available on the sites are additional free mp3's of her Sound Healing compositions, including Solfeggio Tones, Star Energy, Flower Frequencies, Fibonnaci and nature tones.

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