Sunday, February 10, 2013

Urban Dumpster Diver

Jars of sauces found in one dumpster on one dive.

Perfectly good produce found in the dumpster

Words from Urban Dumpster Diver, from various posts on her blog:

"Since I am no longer involved in organized religion and go to church regularly, I consider dumpster diving a form of tithing and helping mother earth.

In my truck for delivery tomorrow is a huge box of food, toys, books and other goodies I’ll never use. God will not send me new stuff if the old stuff is still here. Clutter is stuck energy and since I’m a person of light and love, I like to keep things clean and simple.

Those toys could help a poor child or a single mom with children who can barely put food on the table. Little children or even grade school children feel compelled to fit in. Sometimes a new blouse or a new purse can make all the difference in the world.

The cosmetics could give a middle-aged woman who has lost her job and is barely making it a shot of self-confidence. Sometimes a little bit of blush and lipstick can make a gal feel all the more better. 

Our society tends to minimize middle-aged women. So many middle-aged women I talk to feel invisible. That’s really sad. I go out of my way to engage with middle aged women and men. These baby boomers are the ones who received a huge hit in this economic depression.

Last Friday we found all these snacks in the dumpster, the vendor threw them out I believe. We have given some away and some my husband will take to the office to let others enjoy them as well.
Nature abhors a vacuum, if your life is full of things you do not need (that can also include relationship as well as “stuff”), you won’t have the room to receive the good stuff.

I’ve been diving since the latter part of 2008. I started this blog about a year later after my friends insisted I share my finds with the world.
We divers are a different breed of people, maybe a little nuts, but who cares?

I find it morally repugnant to allow this stuff to go to waste. Why buy things when I can find them. I’m also doing these stores a favor. Less waste that the waste management has to haul for them, the less their trash bill. Plus all that stuff stays out of the landfill.

One of the biggest reasons I dive is to give stuff to someone who really needs it. With so many Americans out of work one would think these stores would either donate it or give to their customers. The same customers who spent money in these stores when times were good. Now it’s time for these stores to give back.

Want to know how to help poor people?
Sort your cans and bottles, set them outside with a sign that says something like free cans and bottles and let someone have them. Who cares who takes them into the recycling center? Either a street person will pick them up or someone like me who isn’t homeless who will pick them up to redeem them for money. Either way the money is recycled back into the economy – creating jobs and keeping the flow of money.

Throwing stuff in the trash that can be used stifles the flow of money.

We are such a wasteful society. It’s really a sin.

Since I’ve been diving and giving stuff away I never worry about money anymore. I just don’t. It’s changed me in a very big way. I loathe malls and shopping now. I usually just buy small amounts of food, gasoline and necessities. If companies continue to throw perfectly good stuff in the trash – then people like myself and others who need it – will use it.

My husband and I are not embarrassed by what we do. Ever. That’s why I have this blog. To show my booty and to show others how it’s done. I love free stuff. I love helping and feeding the poor and I love my planet. I love it enough to keep unnecessary garbage out 
of it.

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