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International Women's Day March 8th A Day For Reflection

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March 8, International Women’s Day: A Day for Reflection

We know that the energies are rising on the planet. We can feel their impact. Our emotional state is changing. Our capacity for love is growing.
The Illuminati’s leadership is in containment. All the really fearful weapons they possessed like nuclear arms and weather-warfare weapons, have been silenced. There is still conflict in some areas of the world that have been locked in it for centuries. But this conflict too will likely die away as we rise higher into the vibrations of love and light.International Women's Day 231
We knew from the beginning that a time would come when, the dead hand of the cabal having been lifted from us, we’d turn to the world in the shape that it’s in and begin the process of social reconstruction.
The cabal’s skewing of so many social processes has been extensive and deep. And now, in the world that we and they created,   the task of reconstructing society, rehabilitating the injured and the traumatized falls to us – the lightworkers, lightholders, starseeds, ground crew.
Many people greet the coming of International Women’s Day with a yawn. It’s window-dressing, designed to show that the United Nations, itself infiltrated by the cabal, is doing something. A day on which a lot of platitudes are said, awards given and hands shaken.
And then we all go back to a world that doesn’t work and somehow never changes.
But this year, in which we begin the work of reconstructing world society in earnest, is different. It’s different because we’re different.  And it’s different because we know that being different means something. It enables us at last to get the work of social reconstruction done.

We’re gradually coming into a sense of world society. We’re gradually realizing that we really are one under the skin, that that which makes us one is vastly more important than that which separates us. Some of us have felt the first touches of the soul, the phenomenon that we all share just as fibreoptics share the same light. We’ve recognized that that soul is one soul, communicating in the same way, with love and kindness and compassion.
Some of us are not yet at the place of feeling and recognizing that soul. Some of us will never be there in this era. But we’re gradually seeing as well that the importance of us connecting and joining with each other far outweighs the effort to persuade the intransigent to join us. They will make their choice and now we need to make ours.
And we also know that there are many who would know that soul and join with us in reinventing ourselves and reconstructing society if they only had relief from the burden they bear and the trauma they’ve been subjected to. And so we reach out to them.
There’s no larger group of people who have been burdened and traumatized than women. (I include among “women” half the children of the world.)  I think the first step on the road to social reconstruction is to acknowledge this, which I consider a fact.
Anyone who wishes can spend a few years studying the human-rights literature. I predict that if they do, they’ll come to this realization too.  As we emerge from our burdens and trauma, as we realize our common identity as souls of the One Soul, and as we realize our mission to reconstruct this world – our world – what is for me perhaps the most fruitful place to start is with attention being given to the plight of women.

The process of social reconstruction begins with our raising our consciousness of the problem and that’s what we’re doing today. We’re featuring some spinoffs from the bookThe Unfinished Revolution, published last year. We don’t want to overload you but we do want to start the process of inquiring into the situation of women around the world.
The next steps are beyond the purview of this blog. Others will need to write and plan and organize and accomplish the actual release of women from the burden and trauma of centuries of mistreatment.
Others will need to reframe laws that forbid the many crimes which go unprevented in the world today. Still others will need to enforce them. Others still will need to educate us and our children on what is wrong and how to make it right.
And all of this draws from the common life we share as a result of our having connected to our oneness, our common Soul if you like, that is not apparent but can be felt and is known by an inner awareness.
So the very first place to start, this International Women’s Day, is to take a breath and feel and realize our common bond with everything that lives, including men and women. Then take the resolve that not another harmful act will be done by our hands or a harmful word said by our mouths.
And once we’ve sealed ourselves, sealed our auras, committed our energies to workability, then we need to look around and ask ourselves: To build a world that works, in which women are treated as equals and not harmed but assisted to excel just as we ourselves are, what is next?

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