Monday, January 20, 2014

Second Job Ideas

senior caregiver or shopping service for seniors

deliver pizzas

become a tutor

"Moonlighting describes taking on a second job separate from your main source of income. (verb)
An example of moonlighting is working as a pizza delivery person at night when your full time job is as a secretary."

I would add that nowadays many people who are not full-time employees at one job, may work at two or three side jobs, which wouldn't technically be called moonlighting , so from now on we'll stick with the term "side jobs."

Check out this link for 236 side job ideas. It doesn't give you any information on how to start or actually do these jobs, mind you, it's strictly a list of possible side jobs.
Still there's lots of room for thought here, and inspiration for anyone considering a side job of their own, so click on the link and see what 236 side jobs they have come up with.
Side Job Ideas

Check out this article: Five Ways to Make Money When You Can't Find a Job.
Click on the link below for lots of great ideas.

get a job as a dog walker

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