Friday, December 12, 2014

Children on Rosebud Indian Reservation Need Christmas Gifts

Homeless kids on Rosebud Indian Reservation Need Your Help.

Marian Sorace, who runs the soup kitchen on Rosebud, has let us know that there are about 200 kids who eat regularly at the soup kitchen who will have nothing for Christmas this year. Marian manages the soup kitchen year round and One Spirit helps with food.
Toys are needed for kids of all ages. A bit of holiday cheer can help lift the spirits of kids who would otherwise be without hope. Just a small gift will let achild know that someone cares about them.
Toys can be sent to Marian Sorace at one of the addresses below and will be distributed at the Christmas meal at the Soup Kitchen.
Marian's number is 605-828-5013.
Marian Sorace
108 Soldier Creek Road
Rosebud, SD 57570
Marian Sorace
Main Street
P.O. Box 436
St. Francis, SD 57572

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