Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Au'inca Door of Hope for Native Elders and Families

Please support the Christmas and food programs for the families and children and elders of the reservations of the Southwestern USA.
Each night children go hungry. Each year children are unable to start school because they lack a pair of shoes and proper clothing. Mothers use old rags and scraps of newspaper for diapers.

Au' Inca, Door of Hope is committed to providing food, clothing, blankets, and other needed items to various indigent Native American Tribal Communities in the Southwest, with a strong focus placed on the children and the elderly in need. The organization encourages and educates the spiritual growth of those it serves.

Making Holidays Brighter
With the struggle just to survive, few families can afford anything for the holidays, but Au'inca can provide holiday food and gifts to girls and boys, families, and elders with your help this holiday season. Won't you give so an elder may eat well this Christmas, or a small child may have at least one gift to open?

Click on the link below:
Au'inca a charity helping Native America Indians

All information and photos are from the Au'inca web site.

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