Monday, March 21, 2016

15 Websites For Frugal People

Some wonderful frugal web sites posted by Stacy of Adventures in Coupons.  Many of my own favorite web sites are listed here.

Let’s face it…today’s times? They’re rough. We have families that are struggling to feed their kids, homelessness running rampant because folks can’t pay their rent, people spending months or years looking for a job and worse. Most of us have all buckled down into money saving mode just to survive, but even the best frugalista can easily run out of ideas. Thats where these sites come into play…check out these 15 websites that frugal people love to visit and use the tips and tricks listed to help you get started saving or to kickstart yourself if you’re in a rut. 
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15 Websites Frugal People Love to Visit

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