Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our Star Brothers and Sisters Are Here

I am one of those people; the ones who believe we are not alone in the universe and furthermore that our star brothers and sisters have always been visiting our planet and continue to do so to this day.

I've never seen a UFO, nor have I interacted with a star brother or sister, or been in contact with any being from another planet (to my knowledge anyway).

Why then am I so sure that we are being visited? The evidence that's why.
There is an overwhelming amount of credible testimony from every civilization around the world, both ancient and modern.

Science  states as fact many things with only a fraction of the evidence to support them as is present for the reality of off-planet visitors and their presence on our planet in all historical eras from ancient times right up until today.

Furthermore I believe that our government, and many others, has known about the presence of star brothers and sisters for several generations and has deliberately kept that knowledge from us.
In this case, I believe the conspiracy theory proponents are correct. We were being told lies and fed pieces of misdirection, either to avoid wide spread panic or for more sinister reasons having to do with power and control, and probably other reasons too.

There are many people around the globe who believe that there will soon be a full disclosure, with governments and other leaders standing up and letting their people know the truth; we are being visited, the star people are here.
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What is your opinion about this? Do you believe our star brothers and sisters are here? Have you ever seen a UFO, or otherwise have any personal experience about this issue?

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