Monday, October 31, 2016

Good News From Around the World

Anyone who watches or reads the news has got to be aware of the almost universal trend of over reporting the bad news and under reporting the good news.

Good news is everywhere in spite of what the mass media would have you believe.

If, like me, you are weary of this barrage of bad news and eager to discover where all the good news stories have been hiding, then check out the links by the photos below to these web sites and blogs that focus solely on reporting good news from around the world..

We need to let the people who force feed bad news to us daily that we are tired of it, and want to see the good news reported just as often. Let the networks, radio stations, magazines, and so on, know your thoughts about this issue please. Things won't change unless the people 

demand change.

Follow this link to good news:
Global Good News

More good news:
Huffpost Good News

Good news link:
Gimundo Good News Served Daily

Some more good news here:
Good News Network

Happy Good News:
Happy News

Good news link:
Daily Good

Check out even more good news here:
Good News Daily

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