Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Plant Trees in 2018 as Your Gift to the Planet

This seems like a good time to talk about the importance of reforestation, or planting trees. I doubt if there are very many people left on the planet who are unaware of the importance of trees in the world, or the alarming rate those same trees are being ruthlessly cut down around the world.

Please plant trees through one of the valuable reforestation projects going on in North and South America, or indeed in practically every country in the world. Haiti is one country that especially needs tremendous support in it's reforestation efforts.

The lack of tree cover in Haiti contributes tremendously towards some of the worst environmental degradation in the world. There are said to be less than 1 % of the original tree/forests left in Haiti and the loss of trees there is causing tremendous suffering to the land and the people. And that's only one country, many more countries around the world are almost as bad.

Please check out some of these web sites and then consider planting trees. Perhaps as a gift in the name of someone you love?

100% Replanted.  Replant What You Use

Trees For the Futrure

Plant a Billion Trees

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