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The Golden Age

Published on Nov 3, 2013
The White Eagle teaching is a simple, heart-centered and profound spiritual philosophy which brings with it the Light and radiance of the spiritual world. It provides very practical support in day-to-day living. Within this beautiful restatement of the ancient wisdom many find answers to some of the most difficult questions of humane existence.

Who is White Eagle?

White Eagle is the name given to a member of The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who, working from the higher realms, guided the foundation of the White Eagle Lodge. H e continues to inspire its work of peace and healing worldwide. The name White Eagle is symbolic and means a 'Spiritual Teacher' who guides us from separation back to Oneness. In this Service from the spiritual level, White Eagle used the help of Grace Cooke as his channel. For his work in the present day, he came in the outward personality of a wise Native American Chief, although we do not see this beautiful teacher as limited to one 'dress' only, so to speak. White Eagle has said that he is a spokesperson for a group known as the Star Brotherhood and many of those who have followed his teaching and path of unfoldment recognise the influence of a Master behind his words and behind his work.

About The Golden Age

''Great changes come to humanity in the New Age. The vibration of the Earth is changing, the very substance of the Earth and the physical body is changing. And those whose own Soul vibrations are not sufficiently strong to withstand the more powerful vibrations of the Earth, will be cared for.....

You are pioneers! You are given an opportunity to help the younger brethren onward and upward to the golden heights. As you walk the earth life, hand in hand with your brother and sister (which means giving the hand of goodwill, helpfulness and sympathy in every material detail of life, we remind you), you are being guided and inspired and illumined by beings of former golden ages who now come to arouse and help humanity to go forth into the sunlight.

It is people like yourselves who are the pioneers of this New Age. The powers behind the veil are looking to you and to other groups to bring to the Earth this supreme Light, this spiritual quality which must hold in its place the great mental power.

Science, when wielded by the mind in the heart, will become a power for the blessing of human kind. Wonderful things are in store for the world when this blessing, this balancing of the scientific mind with the spiritual mind, has been established.

We see a world made beautiful. We see cities built not only with material substance, but beautified by the Light of the Spirit, and this spiritual power harnessed to physical and material needs. We see graceful and spacious buildings, with Light radiating from the walls of the room, from the ceilings, although there seems to be no one particular point from which the Light shines.This Light will give warmth when necessary, but we also see that there will be a change in the climate.

Extremes of heat and cold will no longer exist, for the climate will be adjusted to the needs of the people. This may sound to you like a fairy story, but if you will develop your inner vision you will begin to realise the possibilities for human kind as the spiritual power manifests more definitely.

The truth of the Brotherhood of the ancient wisdom and of the White Light, established long ago, will be re-established on your Earth. Groups will be formed all over the world, and even the governments of the nations will be formed of men and women initiated into the ancient brotherhood of the Light.....

The Wisdom of the East will be established in the West, to work on the outer planes, on governments, and in the commercial world. Instead of competition there will be co-operation and brotherhood, and the goodwill which is to come in the age of Aquarius.

In the New Age, human kind will no longer be satisfied with any church that dictates a policy which gives it power over the people. Indeed, the individual will no longer want a church to interpret truth for him or her. People will permit no barrier to stand between them and their Lord. Each will become his or her own priest, his or her own interpreter; and humankind will regain the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom it had in the ancient days of the Lost Continents.'' - White Eagle
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