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The Great Mother of Life

Published on Nov 3, 2013
The White Eagle teaching is a simple, heart-centered and profound spiritual philosophy which brings with it the Light and radiance of the spiritual world. It provides very practical support in day-to-day living. Within this beautiful restatement of the ancient wisdom many find answers to some of the most difficult questions of humane existence.

Who is White Eagle?

White Eagle is the name given to a member of The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth who, working from the higher realms, guided the foundation of the White Eagle Lodge. H e continues to inspire its work of peace and healing worldwide. The name White Eagle is symbolic and means a 'Spiritual Teacher' who guides us from separation back to Oneness. In this Service from the spiritual level, White Eagle used the help of Grace Cooke as his channel. For his work in the present day, he came in the outward personality of a wise Native American Chief, although we do not see this beautiful teacher as limited to one 'dress' only, so to speak. White Eagle has said that he is a spokesperson for a group known as the Star Brotherhood and many of those who have followed his teaching and path of unfoldment recognise the influence of a Master behind his words and behind his work.

The Great Mother of Life

''At the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the influence of the Mother Aspect will be seen in all places, in all planes of life. Let us bear in mind, however, that the Mother-aspect of God is dual and destroys as well as creates. Before the New Age of Aquarius can fully be ushered in, there has to be a breaking-down of the old conditions. We witness this breaking down everywhere, but those hurt in the process need healing. Indeed, they must be healed in order to bring forth the new, beautiful age of the Spirit.

We were taught to look upon the Earth as The Great Mother. We would help you in your modern world to increase your awareness of the Great Mother who gives so abundantly of her fruits, her grain, of her flowers and her healing herbs. She gives to mankind sustenance; but also her comfort, her healing and all the blessings of man's physical life. You have reason to thank the Great Mother for all these gifts. Let us also include in our thankfulness all the angels of nature who work with her.'' - White Eagle
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