Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Forbidden Knowledge Discoveries that Will Rewrite History

Published on Mar 20, 2017
Advanced civilizations were visiting our ancient past going back at least 6000 years ago. Explore the Possibilities and the fascinating scientific evidence. This video contain just the surface of the forbidden knowledge being hidden and protected today... knowledge that suggests a strong possibility that our views of human origins are either incorrect... or maybe that time travelers have already visited Earth’s past.

Ancient precision cut stone with angles and symmetry that can only be accomplished with machines; strange glyphs of futuristic vehicles; bizarre flywheels and batteries; signs of machining with laser perfection; and more are there for anyone to see - yet we do not hear of these facts. Temporal anomalies are scattered throughout the world -- things that could not possibly belong to the time period in which they were found. Evidence exists of human civilization, artifacts and technology out of time that are abundant, well researched and well documented. If mankind did not have the tools or knowledge to create such structures, then the only logical conclusion is that we had help most likely from an extraterrestrial source.

Erich Von Daniken at Conscious Life Expo Manchester

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