Friday, February 10, 2012

Moonlighting and Second Job Ideas

senior caregiver or shopping service for seniors

deliver pizzas

become a tutor

"Moonlighting describes taking on a second job separate from your main source of income. (verb)
An example of moonlighting is working as a pizza delivery person at night when your full time job is as a secretary."

I would add that nowadays many people who are not full-time employees at one job, may work at two or three side jobs, which wouldn't technically be called moonlighting , so from now on we'll stick with the term "side jobs."

Check out this link for 236 side job ideas. It doesn't give you any information on how to start or actually do these jobs, mind you, it's strictly a list of possible side jobs.
Still there's lots of room for thought here, and inspiration for anyone considering a side job of their own, so click on the link and see what 236 side jobs they have come up with.

Side Job Ideas

Five Ways to Make Money When You Can't Find a Job.

get a job as a dog walker

wait tables


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ancestral Village #2: Erdington, West Midlands, UK

Erdington, a suburb of Birmingham England.

Erdington High Street

Erdington Abbey

All about Erdington.
Erdington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Erdington was an Anglian settlement set up in the Early Middle Ages and by the time of the Norman Conquest was a sub-manor of Aston. Its name derives from the Anglo-Saxon, Eardred ing tun meaning 'Eardred's people's farm' or perhaps the 'village of the Eardredings'. The settlers were either followers of a man called Eardred, or perhaps a clan called with the surname, Eardreding, meaning Eardred's people."

The History of Erdington

Sarah, my maternal ancestor, who was from Erdington, England

In 1851 my maternal ancestor, Sarah French, who was born in 1831, came to the US with her parents Thomas French and Katherine "Kitty" Ewers, and with her siblings.

I believe that our blood ancestry shapes us and is a part of our being whether we acknowledge it or not, and I have always felt a particular fondness for Sarah, who was described as the best of wives and mothers by her family.

Sarah left England (which she yearned for ever afterword, and remembered as so green and beautiful), as well as a beau behind, for a new life in a new country, never to see her beloved England (or said beau), ever again; although she dreamed of both often according to the stories her children passed on about Sarah. Sarah was said to be very shy and  most at home with her family.

In the US, Sarah lived through an Indian uprising, the death of both her parents, several moves to different states, a horrific plague of grasshoppers on the Kansas prairie, and so much more. Her children considered her brave and resourceful.

I believe I carry some of the characteristics of my hardy English ancestors, and of my lovely ancestress, Sarah. I feel a love for both Sarah and her England, though I've never set foot on the shores of England and Sarah died about 70 years before I was born.

This post is dedicated to Sarah and to all my many ancestors from England.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Need a Good Laugh?

I've been accused of being a tad too serious in this blog. Moi? Well ok then.
So, because I think everyone needs a lift right about now and because the world can often be a pretty funny place, I decided to post my list of the funniest books I know.

Go to your local library and check them out if you can't find them on the shelves at your local bookstore.

Note to everyone: support libraries, support bookstores!

Anyway to make my favorite funniest books list the book had to make me laugh out loud while reading it, at least a few times, and that's how I selected these particular books.

Your list of funny books might be different than mine, and PLEASE tell me about any funny books you like that are not listed here, because I want to know about them.

My Funniest Books List:

1. Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin. Steve is really not given his due as a writer, his books are hilarious.

2. The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin. Another very funny book by Steve. All of Steves books are good, but these two are my favorites.

3. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. Don't read this book while eating salad in a restaurant or you'll be snorting your lettuce all over the table like I did.

4. Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank by Celia Rivenbank. Celia is the kind of writer that makes you wish you could meet and become friends with so you could come over to her house for coffee every morning and she could tell you her stories and make you laugh so much you'd forget all your troubles. And probably pee your pants because you're laughing so hard.

5. My Point...And I do Have One by Ellen Degeneres. I laughed out loud so many times while reading Ellen's wonderfully funny book. Ellen is hilarious. Read this one if you can.

6. Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher. Another under-rated humor writer. Carrie is just plain funny!

7. The Compleat Practical Joker by H. Allen Smith. Much better than the title. This is another book I have to read alone in my house so people won't stare at me as I chuckle, giggle, snort, and guffaw my way through it's pages.

8. Naked by David Sedaris. If you haven't yet discovered David Sedaris your life isn't complete.

9. Brain Droppings by George Carlin. A humor master at work.

10. Letters From a Nut by Ted L. Nancy. A little gem of a book. Your funny bone will definitely be tickled.

11. More Letters From a Nut by Ted L. Nancy. Maybe even funnier than the first book.

12. Extra Nutty. Even More Letters From a Nut by Ted L. Nancy. What can I say, I love these Ted L. Nancy books. There's a rumor going the rounds that Ted L. Nancy is really Jerry Seinfield. I don't care who wrote them; I'd read them no matter what because they are very funny.

13. I Am America (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert. Love it!

14. Elvis is Dead and I Don't Feel So Good Myself by Lewis Grizzard. Read this one and then read all his other books. If you haven't discovered Grizzard yet, you're in for a treat.