Friday, February 22, 2013

Men in Black Russian UFO Disclosure

A totally fascinating video. Much new information about UFO's and the alien presence on planet Earth from Russian sources.

Disney Does UFO Disclosure "Lost" 1995 UFO Documentary

Robert Ulrich the host of the show

It’s from the 1990s and contains a multitude of plugs for Tomorrowland, an overuse of the word ‘aliens’ and a lot of ‘fearful’ stuff about abductions, but this supposedly ‘lost’ Walt Disney documentary- titled Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland – is fascinating on many levels, not just for its historic UFO footage.
As YouTube poster ADGUKNEWS says: “This documentary was only broadcast once in five US states in 1995, then it was shelved and never broadcast again. This version is the complete uncut feature, recorded to VHS video when it was first broadcast on celestial tv. I converted this to HD as the quality was very poor, and VHS tape degrades very quickly. Enjoy.
This explains the inclusion of various TV commercials of the time!

Click here to watch this fascinating-early-UFO Disclusure.