Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Making the Most of a Small Home

Living in a small house or apartment, or even in a studio or a dorm room, is a challenge in many ways but that doesn't mean you can't maximize the space you do have and create a beautiful home for yourself.

Leave some open space and a wall or two bare in your home. This will give your home a more spacious open feeling, plus it's restful for the eyes. Crowding every inch of floor or wall space is counter-productive when you're trying to create a beautiful home.

Declutter and down size. Get rid of the excess stuff you don't need. A small space looks junky when you pile on the knick-knacks, have an excessive amount of books, or you hang too many pictures on the walls. If you just can't get rid of your excess stuff, then put the best on display, a few at a time, and rotate them.

Don't hang lots of magnets, photos, or kids papers on your refrigerator either. It never looks good. Hang one or two special kids art projects, and photos at a time if you must. That's enough.

Create storage where there was none. If you're handy you can create DIY storage units. Use multi-purpose furniture, like storage benches in your dining area, or ottomans that with a storage compartment inside. You can also use wicker trunks as a coffee table or bedside table.

If your bathroom or kitchen areas are lacking in storage space, try to find room for at least one bookcase. Bookcases can hold so much more than just books and are often slim enough to fit in spaces that larger furniture won't.

Add wall shelves wherever feasible including hallways. Hallways are a great place to put narrow dressers or bookcases too.

Choose comfortable furniture that not only looks good but feels good to sit or lounge on. Buy smaller sized furniture and less of it, but get what you love. A small home means you see your stuff a lot more often than you would in a huge home.

Meet the neighbors and get out and explore the neighborhood. You may not be living in your ideal home yet but this small space is home for now. Getting comfortable with your surroundings and the people around you can make living in your small space a whole lot more enjoyable.