Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Get a Job On an Organic Farm

How to Find a Job on an Organic Farm

Have you ever had a desire to learn organic farming methods? One of the best ways is by going to work at an organic farm. This article tells how you can find an organic farm job. 

The internet should be your first resource when looking for a job on an organic farm. Below this article you'll find links to hundreds of places and farms that hire workers for their organic farms. You could be one of them.

A few years back, I found a part-time job on an organic farm through craigslist by stating my desire for organic farm work and posting it under resumes. I got a response to my resume within one day, met the organic farm owner that week, and went to work for him the next day. 

The work is hard, dirty, and not glamorous at all for the most part, but there is a lot of satisfaction in helping to provide beautiful organic vegetables or other crops to grocery stores and local restaurants through your work.You can also check the listings under jobs in craigslist. 

I've seen organic farm jobs listed under general labor and even under food jobs so do some checking. an organic farm More ideas for finding an organic farm job include researching in your local phone book under "organic farms' and then calling the farms listed there to see if they are hiring. 

You'd be surprised how many are and will ask you to come out for an interview as soon as possible.The reason; farm work is hard work and not everyone enjoys it or is suited for it so if you are a hard worker you can be assured someone will want to hire you, sooner rather than later.

  • There are organic farms throughout the country so you can find one within driving distance no matter where you live.
  • If you aren't a hard worker, don't waste either your time or the organic farm owners time. They don't hire people who stand around and expect someone else to do all the work.

    A link to check out for organic farm jobs:

Monday, March 21, 2016

Decluttering My Closet

Do you have too many clothes?

I am on a decluttering kick and trying to simplify my surroundings.

Today I decided to go through my closets and my dresser to get rid of all the extra clothes I never wear.
It was harder than I thought it would be to part with some of these clothes, especially when you consider that I've never worn some of them!
How can you be attached to clothes you don't even wear? I don't know but I found out today that you can.

Still I made a good start and managed to fill a large garbage bag full of clothes to take to a local charity that supplies free clothing to anyone who needs it. I like to support them in any way I can, since I know there are many people who can't even afford thrift store prices right now.

Here's what I managed to get rid of:

2 wool sweaters
1 salmon colored suede jacket. What was I thinking when I got this? It didn't go with anything and looks cheap and tacky. I think I saw someone wearing a similar jacket once and, while they looked fabulous in theirs, mine looked better on the hanger so out it goes.
1 cotton sweater
1 green velour jacket
1 grey plaid jacket
2 pairs of herringbone check pants
1 green and black tartan skirt
1 long red skirt, sort of Christmas looking
3 pairs of pants
1 beige vest
1 long wrap-around skirt from India
1 black corduroy dress
2 long sleeved men's shirts
1 floral patterned Hawaiian shirt
1 olive green embroidered top, hideous and never worn
1 grey see-through top with frilly neckline. (Again, what was I thinking?)
1 maroon turtleneck sweater
1 sweatshirt
1 black coat

My closet looks and feels so much better and I feel lighter and better too.

What  have you done to declutter, simplify, or organize your life and your home this year?

an organized closet