Saturday, April 2, 2016

How I Eat Light

This is the way I eat.

Here are some of the things in my refrigerator. 
I do share the kitchen, and since not everyone eats
 like I do, there are things in my refrigerator and 
freezer and in my home that I  don't eat.

Beans and other legumes, rice, organic veggies and fruit

Some of my spices, herbs, and seasonings. All are as natural 
and organic as I can get them. 

My freezer. The containers hold homemade veggie and bean soups.

Herbal teas.No coffee. No caffeine.

My oils, dressings, condiments, and drinks.

Sea salt, and stevia, honey, and agave syrup
for sweetening. I'm working hard to eliminate sugar from my diet. 

I never eat meat, but I will occasionally eat wild Alaskan salmon.
I also eat halibut and some other fish from the ocean, 
but never any farmed fish.
I am not perfect, and it took me many years to get to this place.
I am lactose intolerant, so no dairy.
I have very recently started trying to eliminate sugar and caffeine from my diet.
Yes I occasionally lapse and have some chips or something.
But I eat this way for the most part.

I no longer have any weight issues.
My skin is clear.
I have high energy.
I look and feel years younger than my actual age.

I do not contribute to any of the pain that farm animals are subjected to in factory farms.

Oh and one last thing; I always prepare my food with love 
and bless it before eating.

Through the ages many spiritual masters have advocated a 
light vegetarian, or near vegetarian, diet. 

There are reasons for that. Not only do we feel better and 
have more energy, but we are also not taking any of 
the fear or pain energy into our bodies that come 
from  animals that  have been hunted for food, or that 
have been raised in cages and force fed antibiotics 
and hormones, and other unhealthy substances.

Trees Beautiful Trees

Creating a Treasure Map For Your Life

It helps to have visual reminders of your goals and intentions for yourself and your life. One of the best ways to do this is treasure mapping, also known as a vision board.

Treasuring Mapping True Success Stories and Information
The easiest way to employ picturing power is treasure mapping. Since a treasure map is a prayer, treasure mapping is a “highly accelerated” form of thought...Martha describes her experience with treasure mapping at the Unity center in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; things began to happen immediately.

Treasure Mapping Tips From Unity
Unity has long held that visualizing your goals is the first step to achieving them. Decades ago, Unity minister Stretton Smith incorporated treasure maps in his prosperity teachings. More recently, treasure maps were featured in The Secret as a tool of living according to the laws of attraction.

Treasure Mapping involves creating a physical representation or collage of what you want to achieve. It acts as a constant reminder and representation of your goals. And so it intensifies the effects of visualization, which acts on your subconscious mind to motivate and encourage you towards achieving those goals.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Did you Know Aluminum is 100% Recyclable?

Recycling Aluminum and Reducing Your Aluminum Foil Use

How to Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce Aluminum

Aluminum is 100% recyclable, yet only about 65% of the average Americans household aluminum gets recycled each year. Nearly all of that is in the form of aluminum cans. You can recycle 100% of the aluminum your family uses, and here's how to do it.

Eliminate, or significantly reduce your aluminum foil use. It's estimated that each American throws away about three pounds of aluminum foil per year. None of that foil should be getting to the landfill, recycle it instead. 

Not all recyclers allow aluminum foil, but if yours does then make sure to do your part. Remember it takes around 400 years for that aluminum foil to break down naturally. 
If you're lucky, like me, your city does allow aluminum foil to be recycled. Just wash, and dry before recycling with the rest of your household aluminum. Or follow your cities recycling regulations for aluminum. 

Instead of using aluminum foil to cover leftovers place food in bowls with lids. Or make your own covers. 
Rewash and reuse all the aluminum foil that you do use until it can't be used anymore and then take it to the recyclers. You can also recycle those aluminum pie plates and other baking containers, so be sure to recycle them too.

Recycle all the aluminum packaging that comes into your household per year. Remember aluminum is 100% recyclable. The average American throws away 14 1/2 pounds of aluminum from packaging a year. That's not counting aluminum cans. 

It is all recyclable, and we can all do our part to see that our household aluminum does get recycled. Consult your area recycling company for how and where to recycle aluminum packaging from your household, or from your job.

Aluminum cans are the most common aluminum recyclable, but we can do even more. Do you recycle the 2.5 cans that each American worker is said to consume at work each day? 
If your work does not recycle aluminum cans, maybe someone can at least be responsible for taking the cans home and recycling them. Recycling aluminum cans is big business. It's also good for the environment so do your part.

Other aluminum recyclables include things like aluminum siding, gutters, aluminum wire, and anything else made of 100% aluminum. It can all be recycled. And it all should be. Our landfills are far too full of recyclable materials like aluminum.


  • Recycle 100% of the aluminum that comes into your household.
  • Drastically reduce your households use of aluminum foil.
  • Don't forget to recycle aluminum cans and other aluminum at your workplace.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Isochronic Tone Stimulation: Opening Third Eye/Pineal Gland

Our Star Brothers and Sisters Are Here

I am one of those people; the ones who believe we are not alone in the universe and furthermore that our star brothers and sisters have always been visiting our planet and continue to do so to this day.

I've never seen a UFO, nor have I interacted with a star brother or sister, or been in contact with any being from another planet (to my knowledge anyway).

Why then am I so sure that we are being visited? The evidence that's why.
There is an overwhelming amount of credible testimony from every civilization around the world, both ancient and modern.

Science  states as fact many things with only a fraction of the evidence to support them as is present for the reality of off-planet visitors and their presence on our planet in all historical eras from ancient times right up until today.

Furthermore I believe that our government, and many others, has known about the presence of star brothers and sisters for several generations and has deliberately kept that knowledge from us.
In this case, I believe the conspiracy theory proponents are correct. We were being told lies and fed pieces of misdirection, either to avoid wide spread panic or for more sinister reasons having to do with power and control, and probably other reasons too.

There are many people around the globe who believe that there will soon be a full disclosure, with governments and other leaders standing up and letting their people know the truth; we are being visited, the star people are here.
Check out these links for more information on disclosure.
Disclosure 2013
The Disclosure Project

What is your opinion about this? Do you believe our star brothers and sisters are here? Have you ever seen a UFO, or otherwise have any personal experience about this issue?