Monday, December 11, 2017

3 Hour Medley of Christmas Songs

0:00 Here Comes Santa Claus -- Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters 3:05 Feliz Navidad -- Beth and Scott 5:32 The Christmas Waltz -- Frank Sinatra 8:33 Winter Wonderland -- Aretha Franklin 10:41 The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year -- Andy Williams 13:09 Jingle Bells -- ? 15:25 Sleigh Ride -- Johnny Mathis 18:20 Carol of the Bells -- Mormon Tabernacle Choir 20:45 Santa Claus is Coming to Town -- The Andrews Sisters 23:25 Silver Bells -- Bing Crosby & Carol Richards 26:27 The Christmas Song -- The Osmond Brothers 29:07 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus -- Andy Williams 32:15 Wonderful Christmastime -- Paul McCartney 35:59 Santa Claus -- Harry Connick Jr 40:35 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer -- Gene Autry 43:46 Rockin Around the Christmas Tree -- Brenda Lee 45:49 Sleigh Ride -- Jack Jones 48:31 Blue Christmas -- Elvis Presley 50:36 White Christmas -- Bing Crosby 53:32 Jingle Bell Rock -- Bobby Helms 55:41 The Christmas Song -- Nat King Cole 58:47 Jingle Bells -- Frank Sinatra 1:00:45 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -- Frank Sinatra 1:04:09 Sleigh Ride -- Ella Fitzgerald 1:07:04 Winter Wonderland -- Tony Bennett 1:09:14 Let It Snow -- Dean Martin 1:11:08 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year -- Johnny Mathis 1:13:51 Home for the Holidays -- Perry Como 1:16:40 Little St. Nick -- The Beach Boys 1:18:46 A Holly Jolly Christmas -- Burl Ives 1:20:57 Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer -- Elmo and Patsy 1:24:23 Merry Christmas Darling -- The Carpenters 1:27:26 Here Comes Santa Claus -- Elvis Presley 1:29:20 Happy Christmas -- John Lennon 1:32:47 Jingle Bells -- Diana Krall 1:34:57 Deck the Halls -- Ottmar Liebert 1:37:57 Mr. Heatmeiser -- Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 1:42:18 Winter Wonderland -- Johnny Mathis 1:45:30 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) -- Mariah Carey 1:48:00 Frosty the Snowman -- The Beach Boys 1:49:51 Let It Snow -- Harry Connick Jr 1:52:22 A Marshmallow World -- Dean Martin 1:55:00 Christmas Canon -- Trans Siberian Orchestra 1:59:16 Silent Night -- Sarah McLaughlin 2:03:00 Sleigh Ride -- Arthur Fielder & The Boston Pops Orchestra 2:05:59 We Need a Little Christmas -- Johnny Mathis 2:07:53 Santa Baby -- Madonna 2:10:26 O Holy Night -- Placido Domingo 2:14:21 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -- Bobby Vinton 2:17:26 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas -- Johnny Mathis 2:19:38 I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas -- Gayle Peevey 2:22:14 Stille Nacht -- The King's Singers 2:25:25 Joy To The World -- Mormon Tabernacle Choir 2:27:58 Ave Maria -- Luciano Pavarotti 2:32:50 Waltz of the Flowers -- Leopold Stokowski 2:37:15 White Christmas -- Frank Sinatra 2:39:48 Frosty the Snowman/Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer -- Henry Mancini 2:42:12 O Holy Night -- Luciano Pavarotti 2:46:16 Hallelujah Chorus -- Mormon Tabernacle Choir 2:50:05 Mistletoe and Holly -- Frank Sinatra 2:52:21 The Christmas Song -- Mel Torme 2:54:25 Christmas Don't Be Late -- Alvin and the Chipmunks 2:56:44 Here Comes Santa Claus -- Gene Autry 2:59:13 We Need A Little Christmas -- Percy Faith 3:01:20 White Christmas -- The Drifters 3:05:33 The Magic of Christmas Day -- Celine Dion 3:08:11 Silver Bells -- Johnny Mathis 3:11:41 Suite from The Polar Express -- Alan Silvestri

Christmas on a Budget Can Still Be Great

Many people have so little money to spend on just the basics that when Christmas comes along it's often a real struggle to buy presents, get a tree, decorate the house or all the other things during the Christmas season that you really want to do. In this article which comes from Christmas Joy When You're Broke from the wonderful blog: All in All, are a few suggestions for having a great Christmas on a budget.

How do those of us without a money tree make Christmas special, memorable, and fun for our families

Simply Amazing Christmas means slowing down, being still and enjoying the moment, holding our children tightly, speaking kind words, being thankful, and remembering the love that makes Christmas peace possible. 

Now, let's enjoy a simply amazing holiday. Here are some ways to celebrate Christmas without breaking the bank:

Set a budget for Christmas presents and stick with it. Let your family members know what the budget will be so they can adjust their expectations accordingly.

Be sure to budget all of the other things that go along with the holidays such as cookie baking, travel, Christmas pictures, Christmas cards and postage, pet boarding if traveling, decorations, holiday meals, holiday parties, extra gifts for gift office/school exchanges and teachers, holiday tips, etc.

Save all year long! Check with your bank to see what kind of savings club accounts they offer. You can deposit a small amount from each pay check into your Christmas club savings account and then you'll receive a payout plus interest when you're ready to begin Christmas shopping. So smart!

Volunteer. Do some research to see what homeless shelters, food banks, animal shelters, and ministries need donations and volunteers during the Christmas season. Make volunteering a part of your family Christmas tradition!

Attend a Christmas church service. If you belong to a church that will be holding a special Christmas service, be there! If you do not, then find one! If you love Christmas Eve services and your church isn't having one, don't write your pastor a complaint letter (like, seriously don't) just find another church to visit on that night. Christmas services are a wonderful way to reflect and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Go Christmas caroling! This is so much fun and is a wonderful way to bring joy to others. Invite friends to meet at your house and ask them to bring a few dozen cookies to share. Split them up onto paper Christmas plates, wrap them well, then head out to a few location to sing and deliver cookies! Check with nursing homes and hospitals to see about caroling there and treating the staff to Christmas cookies. After the caroling, head back to your house to relax with your friends. Play Christmas music, eat cookies, and drink hot chocolate. Fun!

Shop consignment sales for gently used toys that your kids will love.

Give homemade gifts. Are you crafty? Make special gifts for friends, family, and teachers! Do you like to bake? Then make some awesome goodies, pack them in recycles cookie tins, tie them up with pretty ribbon, and deliver the yummy Christmas treats!

Play Christmas music. This may sound silly simple, but playing Christmas music costs nothing and adds a wonderful feeling to your home around the holidays.

Buy Christmas decorations... on December 26th! I have always made it a tradition to buy Christmas decorations and wrapping paper the day after Christmas at 50-75% off. Then I store the items until the next Christmas. By then I've forgotten what I purchased an opening the bags up is super exciting!

Do an Advent Calendar. Again, so simple, but really fun! You can make an Advent Calendar with your kids or buy one at the store. It is something simple and sweet to celebrate each day of December leading up to Christmas.

Have a Christmas movie night each week in December. Pull out some Christmas treats, get into your Christmas pjs, and have fun with Christmas classics like White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and even Elf!

Wrap up 24 Christmas books in Christmas wrapping paper and read one each night of December. On Christmas morning read the Christmas story from the Bible before opening presents and say a prayer together as a family.

Cash in lose change. Do you have jars of change sitting around the house? Cash them in! It's surprising how coins can add up. Use the cash for presents or other items needed during the holidays.

Deliver some smiles! On Christmas morning after opening presents, visit a few places where people have to work that day and deliver some cookies and thank them for their service. Think about gas station attendants, nurses and doctors in hospitals, nursing home staff, etc.

Have a family game night. Pop some popcorn and enjoy some fun interaction with your family over some games. Be sure to play some Christmas music in the background!

Start a giant jigsaw puzzle on December 1st. Everyone in the family can work on the puzzle throughout the month.

Go for a drive and enjoy the Christmas lights around your town.

Use cash. Don't mortgage next year for this years shopping.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Top 10 Ways to Have Less Stress in Your Life

1.  Clean up your finances.
The rules of properly handling money can be summed up fairly easily. They are:
Spend less than you earn.
Save a portion of all that you earn. This can be as little as 5%, with most people saving 10%. This is your safety net in case of emergencies, job loss, unexpected expenses, etc.
Before paying your monthly bills/expenses, set aside a portion of your income just for you. This money should be used to invest in your future and in your financial security. Again 10% is a good amount for this. This is a separate savings from your emergency savings, and should be used to further your education, and things like this.
Have a budget and stick to your budget.
Have a pantry and a bit of food storage to help you weather hard times, or just because you save money by buying food on sale, or before the price goes up.

2.  Eliminate the negative from your life as much as possible.  This means decluttering your possessions, as well as eliminating negative people and situations from your life that are only bringing you down. Make positive and inspiring friends. You need them.
Clean up and fix whatever needs fixed in your life. Fix that door that jams, that faucet leak, and complete all the undone projects in your life. You don't have to complete anything that no longer inspires or interests you however. Fix one thing a day for awhile and watch your load lighten and your mood lift.
Seek out good news and avoid negative news as much as possible.

3.  Get a job you like.  We spend a lot of our time at work and some work places are very toxic and draining.  Get out and find a job that inspires and uplifts you.

4.  Plan for the future.  Set goals and make lists of what you want in your life, then do at least one small thing towards accomplishing that goal every single day. Even a small step will move you forward.

5. Learn to say no.  Doing things you really don't want to and spending time with people who drain you is a huge stress producer.  Stop doing that to yourself. You deserve to enjoy your life surrounded by people who genuinely care about your welfare.

6.  Get outside everyday.  Take walks, garden, or in some way spend a portion of everyday outside in the fresh air. Enjoy the fall leaves, a walk in the rain, a softly falling winter snow, or a sunny day at the beach. Nature soothes and heals. And get some exercise everyday, whether outside or indoors.

7.  Get a pet. A loving dog or cat is a known relaxer. They give you lots of unconditional love and make your life so much brighter.

8. Think optimistically and positively. Use positive words to yourself and when speaking to others. Don't gossip. Don't criticize. Encourage people whenever you can.

9.  Learn to meditate and to pray. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, a time for centering and quieting your mind, and connecting with the divine is a positive experience that will greatly enhance your life.

10. Practice gratitude and thankfulness everyday. We all have many blessings and a nightly time of writing down three things you're grateful for is a wonderful end to a day and will greatly enhance your life.

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How We Went from Desert to Food Forest

Published on Feb 17, 2017
We live in the cold high desert of southeast Idaho where the soil is dry and alkaline. With deep mulch, swales, and planting hundreds of trees and herbs we have turned our 1.5 acres into a food oasis.

Cold Stream Farm:

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Penny Pinching Mama - Part 4: How Little Expenses Add Up

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Amazingly-Tiny Micro-Apartment Design Ideas

Coconut for Natural Beauty DIY Recipes

Egg Masala Curry Recipe | Egg Korma | Easy Egg Gravy

Published on Jan 10, 2017
Egg Curry Recipe / Egg Masala Curry Recipe is an excellent side dish for rice, roti or chapathi. This Egg gravy also goes well with biryani and pulao. In this video we will see how to make egg curry Indian Style, this is a spicy version of egg curry and it is very flavorful. The consistency of the gravy can be adjusted depending on whether it is going to served with rice or as a side for chapathi / roti. I have made this Egg curry with coconut because coconut adds thickness and richness to the recipe but it can be skipped if you don't like that taste.
Also I have seasoned the eggs before adding them in the recipe. This additional step adds extra flavor to the egg curry.

Friends please do make this simple egg curry at home and serve it with rice / chapathi. Also please post your feedback in the comments below.

For detailed Egg Curry Recipe please visit

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How Do You Deal with Negative Thoughts?

Street Food Express - Quick And Easy Homemade Fast Food Recipes

Published on Mar 5, 2015
The street food in India leaves you huffing and puffing for more. For a more leisurely and hygienic experience, bring the street at home! We bring you a collection of delicious, mouth-watering street food recipes that will not only satisfy your hunger but is also worth the taste.

Menu: (For ingredients, click on the below links)

Ragda Patties -
Pav Bhaji -
Aloo Tikki Chaat -
Cheese Veg Frankie -
Sev Puri -
Chinese Bhel -
Pani Puri -

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