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You'll Be Surprised At What We Got From The Dumpster!

Published on May 22, 2016
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You'll Be Surprised At What We Got From The Dumpster!

We have saved a huge amount of money dumpster diving. When you think of dumpster diving, you may think of homeless people or of digging rotting food out of the dumpster, but this is not what we do at all.

When we had very little money, we discovered by accident that people had thrown away lots of things we needed in dumpsters, and many of the things were brand new and still in the packages. We have found gardening supplies, wooden furniture, antiques, grass for our yard, construction lumber and supplies, books, parts to repair appliances and lots more. And we’ve never dealt with the yucky food trash most people think about when the subject of dumpsters comes up.

When we were very short on money, we often collected antiques, furniture, appliances and other things that we sold at garage sales to make a lot of extra money.

When we bought our new house 5 years ago, we frequently checked the construction dumpsters in our neighborhood and were able to get thousands of dollars worth of wood that we used to construct our large shed, shelves, garage storage and lots of other things. We were also able to find enough grass to sod our entire back yard with it, saving thousands of dollars on that one project.

Here are some things we discuss in this video:

0:27 - Tawra’s dried floral and potpourri business

1:00 Tawra’s flowers at our Texas apartment - They were mostly clearance plants.

1:26 When we moved to Idaho, my gardening really took off. We bought a little $27,000, 800 square foot house in Nezperce, Idaho, that had a population of 400 people.

1:47 Bricks from dumpsters we used to create a garden

2:14 We used the bricks to line all of our paths and gardens.

2:22 We found the dumpster stuff by accident when I noticed an unopened bag of perlite.

2:48 One area kept having weeds come up, so we said, ”With all these weeds, God must have meant for this to be a garden!

3:14 Circle garden lined with bricks

3:31 Story of free wood chips from the border.

4:25 We do ask permission when appropriate.

4:45 We found a lot of great things in the dumpster when we lived there. Some of the townspeople were shocked that we would retrieve things from the dumpster, but we weren’t getting disgusting things like rotting food or anything.

5:00 We often found wood, books and bricks.

5:06 We found things like an antique oil lamp, a brand new rocking chair that was thrown away with the box because 2 screws were missing from the package, and all kinds of things like that. Some of the people that were shocked that we took items from the dumpster were more than happy to pay money to buy the same items from us at a garage sale.

5:44 There was an old stove that somebody had left next to the dumpster. One of our stove’s oven elements was not working, so I took one from the junked stove before the trash company took it and used it to repair our oven.

6:18 A lot of times we would find something and think, “What can we do with this that would save us from having to buy something else?”

6:34 One of the ways we save is we recycle a lot. Not necessarily taking things to the recycling center, but finding new ways to use old things.

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