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Top 5 Artifacts That Prove Past Advanced Civilizations Existed

Published on May 8, 2016
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Top 5 Artifacts That Prove Past Advanced Civilizations Existed

A modern iron hammer embedded in a 400 – million-year-old rock? A mysterious gold man-made bell encased in charcoal for hundreds of years? Hundreds of small spheres with tiny grooves dating back 2.8-billion years?

Are these proof of past ancient advanced civilizations? It’s currently believed by science that modern man came into existence about 200,000 years ago. Civilizations as we know them are only about 6,000 years old and industrialization only started around 200 years ago.

However there have been many artifacts found throughout the years that do not even come close to fitting into this timeline. Once in a while, strange and out of place artifacts from the ancient past are discovered, making us wonder and question – are we really the first of our kind here on Earth?

Here are The Top 5 Artifacts that prove ancient civilizations existed.


In June 1936, husband and wife, Emma and Max Hahn went on a stroll along Red Creek in London, Texas. On their walk, they saw a loose rock with a piece of wood sticking out of it. Out of curiosity, they took it home and kept it. It would be an entire decade, in 1947, until their son cracked it open with a chisel and hammer.

Utterly stumped, they turned over the artifact to archeologists who were puzzled by the find.

What made the hammer so unique? Could it have been just an ordinary 19th century hammer a worker abandoned and was somehow encased in rock?

During their study, they found that the rock encasing the hammer dates as far back as 400-million years old, belonging to the Ordovician era. However, others have proposed it belongs to the Cretaceous era –about 150 – million years old. Regardless, it's a very old artifact.

Drilling for artesian water is not the first thing you think of when hunting for proof of advanced ancient cultures. But somehow, one mundane drilling in 1889 turned up something that might prove just that.

What makes this next artifact so strange is that it was supposedly found buried inside a piece of coal.

Coal is a special by-product formed from decaying matter. What makes it unique is that it takes anywhere between 30 to 300 million years to form. Hence, when an unusual, metallic object is found inside coal, it forces a lot of questions.


People have called it the world's oldest spark plug while skeptics have dismissed it as a geological anomaly – there is no doubt however, that the Coso Artifact is a complete mystery.

In 1961, three rock hunters were looking for geodes in California's Coso Mountains to use for their gift and gem shop. Geodes are hollow rocks with mineral crystals like amethyst inside.

Our final artifact is one that has been around the longest.

Considered to be 2.8 billion years old, miners at the Wonderstone Silver Mine in South Africa have been finding these spheres from deep rock for over three decades.

The majority of these are described to be in a "spheroid" shape with some featuring three parallel grooves perfectly running at its equator. To date, over 200 of these have been found.

Geologists J.R. McIver and Andries Bisschoff examined several pieces of these spheroid artifacts in 1979.

These "spheres" have a distinct flattened globe shape. They measure between 1- 4 inches in diameter and have a metallic texture on the outside. As for their color, some have a steel blue with a reddish shade and others have white flecks embedded on the coat.
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400 Million Year Old Hammer Found In Texas

Published on Feb 10, 2017
In 1936, near red creak in London, Texas, something was found. it has become one of the most compelling pieces of evidence to suggest there is a lost history of Earth.
Within a rock, Emma Hahn would notice a small piece of wood that appeared to be embedded, finding this strange she picks up the object for a closer inspection.
Not really knowing what it was, it is lucky she was curious enough about the embedded wood to take it home.
Nearly a decade later, presumably after the artefact had sat in max and Helen Hahns household for many years, their son max would spark an interest into what it could be.
He breaks the rock apart, and to their amazement concealed within the stone was an ancient stone hammer.
Now known as the London hammer, the rock that once grew around it, was claimed to have stopped growing around 400 million years ago, which could only mean the hammer would be even older.
What if the maker of this hammer nearly half a billion years ago, stole the design from an ancient artefact he found himself, just how old can our history be?
The metal of the hammerhead has been confirmed to consist of 96.6% iron, 2.6% chlorine, and 0.74% sulphur. And since its discovery in the 1930's and its subsequent re-entry into the air, it has not rusted.
Around 1983 the hammer was acquired by creationist Carl E. Baugh, an active advocate of Paluxy River man tracks, and other alleged geologic anomalies, who began to call it the London Artefact.
Many figures within the scientific and historical communities have strongly disagreed with the premise that the hammer be many hundreds of millions of years old, some even theorising that the limestone in which it was discovered could have formed in just a few centuries in perfect conditions.
The variation in dates put forward by creationist scientists regarding the matter, has also just stoked the flames of debate, and indirectly aiding in the denial, of the artefact being truly ancient.
However, there are certain factors regarding this object, like so many others in this criteria, that cannot be explained by accepted academia.
Firstly, it is unthinkable for the modern theory of evolution to include such artefacts, this gives the creationists a foothold, yet they lack the material to continue an argument back many millions of years. they are indeed Opposite, yet both incorrect approaches. Thus, because of this, the most important features of the hammer, are conveniently ignored frequently by both sides of the modern coin.
for example, the handle of the hammer is not made of wood anymore, it is now made of coal. it was once made of wood, but through a natural and unrushed process, the wood has been transformed into coal.
And Whatever the reasons for these inconsistencies in reports, evidently the rock strata at the site are indeed Hensel Sand Member of the Travis Formation, Lower Cretaceous, upper Aptian stage, considered to be approximately 110 to 115 million years old by conventional geologists. This is fact, so by default that hammer is older, regardless of ulterior motives for publicising such artefacts, the truth they can tell, no matter how reluctant it may be to your world view, shouldn’t be ignored. However, the age of the rock formation maybe relevant to authenticity, it is irrelevant to the fact that the hammer does indeed exist. And that These artefacts create a proposition for historical data we should be approaching with open minds, if we are to progress as a species.

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25,000Yr Old Mountain Sized Pyramids In Indonesia?

Published on Apr 19, 2017
In 1914, archaeologists found an astonishing location in Gunung Padang, in Indonesia. 2 ancient stone mountains rest in this region, mountains in the form of pyramids, their size is truly massive. Intrigued by their shape, this 1914 team initiated a series of test digs in the small likelihood that they were man made.
the proposition of these 2 huge land features actually being pyramids, must have been virtually unthinkable to these initial explorers, there subsequent excavation also concluded that the site was indeed a natural formation.
However, Fast forward 100 years of technological advances in archaeology, photography, ground penetrating radar and satellite imaging, and we can now take much deeper looks at locations, gaining far greater insight than was possible a century ago.
The archaeological societies are currently in a panic, in regards to an expedition which is being undertaken to this very site. over one hundred years after its initial discovery and disregardment.
What is interesting to note, a detail this team must be aware of, a detail largely supressed and rarely discussed, is the fact that very ancient monuments rest upon the tops of each mountain, monuments that were later dated at 2500 years old. and confirmed as artificial megalithic structures.
The reason the archaeological community is worrying, is due to their possible size. they would dwarf the great pyramids of Giza. However, the pyramids, in Giza are in a very special location, they in fact rest on the centre of the worlds land mass, the question would be, why would Indonesia possess such ginormous pyramids.
in 2010, geologist Dr Danny Natawidjaja, who earned a doctorate at Cal Tech, recognized the mountains as possible man-made pyramids, and began to explore using ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography, resistivity survey and other remote sensing techniques, as well as some direct excavations and deep core drilling.
The results were immediately intriguing,
producing evidence of deeply buried man-made chambers and yielding carbon dates going back as far as 26,000 years. This would make the construction prior to the last ice age.
Such ideas are heresy to mainstream archaeologists, the archaeological establishment in Indonesia banded together against Dr Natawidjaja and his team, lobbied the political authorities, agitated locally and succeeded in slowing down, though not completely stopping, the further exploration of Gunung Padang.
However Dr Natawidjaja fought back, doing some high-level lobbying of his own, taking the matter to the President of Indonesia himself. There were further delays to do with elections in Indonesia but just a couple of months ago, the final obstacles were lifted and Dr Natawidjaja and his team moved back onto the Gunung Padang site with full approval to go ahead with their work, including permission to excavate the concealed chambers.
Although it may not be widely received, this excavation may be the most important currently being undertaken on earth.
mainstream Archaeologists are furious, and have been lobbying to get the work stopped – fortunately to no avail, preliminary excavations have produced results that prove beyond doubt, that Gunung Padang is indeed a man-made pyramid of great antiquity. Even the relatively young layer so far excavated, the second artificial columnar rock-layer beneath the megalithic site visible on the surface, has yielded dates of 5200 BC, nearly 3000 years older than the orthodox dating for the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. there are also firm indications from the original remote sensing and core drilling work. that there is much older layers below. In short, it is now evident to all, that the site is vastly older than the 2500 years archaeologists had insisted upon for decades.
Even the most hostile are now quietly reframing their assessment of the site and referring to it as “a gigantic terraced tomb, which was part of the biggest megalithic culture in the archipelago.”
I will keep you posted.

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Egg Masala Curry Recipe | Egg Korma | Easy Egg Gravy

Published on Jan 10, 2017
Egg Curry Recipe / Egg Masala Curry Recipe is an excellent side dish for rice, roti or chapathi. This Egg gravy also goes well with biryani and pulao. In this video we will see how to make egg curry Indian Style, this is a spicy version of egg curry and it is very flavorful. The consistency of the gravy can be adjusted depending on whether it is going to served with rice or as a side for chapathi / roti. I have made this Egg curry with coconut because coconut adds thickness and richness to the recipe but it can be skipped if you don't like that taste.
Also I have seasoned the eggs before adding them in the recipe. This additional step adds extra flavor to the egg curry.

Friends please do make this simple egg curry at home and serve it with rice / chapathi. Also please post your feedback in the comments below.

For detailed Egg Curry Recipe please visit