Monday, January 7, 2013

Pwoje Espwa in Haiti This Orphanage Needs Our Help

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The Project Espwa orphanage and outreach program is well known for the wonderful things they are doing in southern Haiti for some of Haiti's many orphans.

Right now they could really use our help as donations were down 50% in 2012, and they don't have much left in their (financial) reserves).

As Father Marc Boisvert says, necessary, drastic, and painful cuts are just around the corner, with food and payroll their biggest expenses.

Keep in mind that the employees are all local Haitian men and women who desperately need this job to feed their own families and the Project Espwa food budget is slim at anytime so, while the children do get enough to eat, there is never room in the budget for fancy foods.

What a cut in either the food budget, (or a letting go of some employees, or reducing their hours; or whatever would have to be done if donations don't pick up), would mean is suffering by any standards.
And these children and people of Haiti have suffered enough already.

Even a $5.00 donation would help! Anything above that is a great blessing to Project Espwa and the orphans indeed.

Click here for the web site
Free the Kids Project Espwa

And here is Father Marcs blog, with beautiful stories of the children, Hope Village, the volunteers who come to help, and life in Haiti.
Project Espwa Hope in Haiti

And if you've ever wanted to support an orphan, maybe one of these lovely children will be the one that touches your heart. These girls and boys need you.

Sponsor Girl Students

You can also sponsor a boy student, of course. All of the children needs sponsors, with only a few having a sponsor at this time.

Project Espwa campus

girls dome homes

Sponsor a child now for only $30 a month




Benita Fequens

Rose Ketia

Jean Robert