Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jan Michael Looking Wolf Award Winning Native American Flutist

This is part 1 a video of Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Native American Flutist and performer, with GRAMMY winner George Noriega and guitar player Tim Yett on the main stage at the 2007 Native American Music Awards! He is playing a very special flute made by Brent Haines that allows him to actually play two flutes at one time.

Last night I was very privileged to attend a concert by Jan Michael Looking Wolf here in Oregon. Jan Michael is a Native American,  of the Kalapuya tribe, and he still lives near the tribal reservation. Jan Michael is also of Irish descent and his music reflects both his native roots and his Celtic ancestry, as well as many other influences.

The concert was a wonderful experience with a world class musician and I highly recommend his uplifting and inspiring music.
I have never endorsed any other artist on my blog, but Jan Michael Looking Wolf is one of the people inspiring others through his music, and his many good works. Enjoy and please buy one of his beautiful Cd's.  A link to his web site is below.

I was especially inspired by his message of unity with all people, or "One Heart." Jan Michael's integrity and compassion was very obvious and I can't recommend this Lightworker and his music highly enough.

In this video, Jan Michael Looking Wolf shares of the Native American Tradition of One Heart and offers beautiful wooden native flute performance. Donald Blackfox produced and edited the video.

Jan Michael's lifeway and musical expressions are based on the Native American Tradition of 'One Heart'. In short, it is a truth that we are equal regardless of the color of our skin, tribal affiliation, language we speak, income, gender, faith, nationality or personal beliefs. 'One Heart' is the recognition of Unity through Diversity. His music carries a message of HOPE for our children and oneness for humanity. Jan Michael frequently performs at non-profit events nation wide and his music has been used for several non-profit projects.

Native American (enrolled Kalapuya Tribal Member) with Irish descent that lives near his reservation, Jan Michael Looking Wolf is a nationally known Native American Flute recording artist and performer with 17 CDs and 3 DVDs released on multiple record labels....earning 43 Award Recognitions and a top ten ranking in the national new age charts. Traveling a broad range of musical styles with the Native American Flute, he became the first flutist in history to ever win for Flutist of the Year at the prestigious Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) and the Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA) for his solo traditional native flute CD 'UNITY' in 2008. Following, he won for Artist of the Year (2009) and Record of the Year (2010) at the NAMMYS.

Purchase Jan Michael Looking Wolf's Wonderful Flute Music Here

Message From the Sun $15.00


Returning to his roots,  Jan Michael offers a masterful Native American flute performance with original solo flute melodies that travel from meditative to upbeat with world percussion.

Official Jan Michael Looking Wolf Web Site

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nourishing Days: Real Food for Healthier Living

Anyone trying to eat a more natural, GMO free, organic and seasonal diet, learns to search out sources for good healthy recipes and foods.

I recently discovered Shannon's Nourishing Days blog and I am very impressed with the care she puts into, not only her own families diet, but the quality of her blog and the wonderful, healthy and natural recipes she posts, with lots of instructions for those of us who have never made these foods before.

Nourishing Days Blog With Lots of Healthy Recipes
Here's what Shannon has to say about her blog:

Having babies gave our family a desire to return to the old paths – to nourish our family with traditional, homegrown foods; rid our home of toxic chemicals and petroleum products; and give our boys a chance to know a simple, sustainable way of life.
Nourishing Days is a space where I can share our adventures in real food and sustainability. From recipes to how to's to confessions to the (more than) occasional soap box rant.

And here's a blog post from me about the way I eat:
My Kitchen and food photos from Daily Good blog

Penniless Parenting has many terrific and healthy recipes, including a lot of gluten free, refined sugar free,  and dairy free recipes.
Penny also makes Kombucha that lovely and healthy drink you have probably seen at health food stores. Making your own is easy.
Penniless Parenting blog
And  Kombucha101