Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Secret


I've recently been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and in a simple, easy to understand fashion, this book outlines the way the universe works. 

One of the most important things to remember is that "what you think about, comes about." 
So, if my focus is on my problems and worries, then of course that's what I'll see more of.
That's why it's so important to count my blessings.  
By focusing on what I have been blessed with in my life I am also putting energy out into the universe that magnetizes more of the same to me, thus I will have even more blessings.

In essence The Secret is a book about The Law of Attraction. 
The Law of Attraction works whether you believe in it or not, whether you understand it or not. 
Your thoughts and feelings are creative and prolonged focus thoughts about ANYTHING means you are going to create that.
That is why worry is so harmful. 
That is why focusing on problems is so harmful. 

The Secret is such a powerful book  because it clearly states what the ancients, and masters of all times, have always known.  You create your life, every bit of it, with your thoughts and feelings. Therefore it only makes sense to guard your thoughts and focus your creative energies on what you want in your life and avoid focusing on the things you don't want.

Does this mean you stop planning and working for what you want? No, of course not.
However, once your thoughts and feelings are aligned with your true desires, you will find amazing co-incidences and assistance from the divine helping you to create what would make your life a beautiful work of art. 

By listening to and following your intuitive hunches, you will be creating a wonderful world for yourself much easier than if you tried to do it all by yourself. You can change your life, and you can have the help of the divine to do so.

It's important to point out that positive thoughts are far more powerful than negative ones, so it takes a lot of persistent negative thought and worry to bring something negative into your life. However, if you persist in thinking negatively over a period of time, they will appear in your life.
This also means thinking positively is more powerful than thinking negatively, so changing your thinking to positive and good thoughts means you are going to create these good things easier and faster than the negative things you've been stressing and worrying about.

Decide right now that you are only going to think good thoughts. Focus on abundance, not bills or lack.  Think about how loved you are, how many friends you have, how full your life is with love and happiness. Think of health and energy and beauty, and not disease or stress.  It doesn't matter what area of life you're thinking about, focus on the most positive aspect of it.

You want to become aware of your thoughts and choose your thoughts carefully.   Many masters and spiritual teachers recommend meditation as a way to quiet and master your thoughts. Affirmations are also powerful  tools to help you master your thoughts. 
Vision boards, picturing what you want and placing these things as visual reminders around you, are another helpful tool to help you master your thoughts.

Your feelings are a tool, to help you know what you are thinking. You can't be feeling bad and having good thoughts at the same time. It's impossible. But the reverse is also true, if you're thinking good thoughts, you'll be feeling good. 

Good feelings like gratitude, excitement, joy, peace, happiness, love will bring to you more good feelings and more things to feel good about.  Your thoughts and feelings together create your life.

I highly recommend The Secret to anyone wanting to create the best life possible.  There are so many helpful suggestions in the book, as well as stories about people who used and followed The Law of Attraction to create a beautiful life for themselves.