Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tree Spirits

This will be the first time on Daily Good that I've recommended a book, Tree Spirits: Tales and Encounters, written and illustrated by Heather Preston.

Here's a quote from Preston, "Hold onto your socks, there are people among us, rational people, who hear and see nature spirits."

The earth and all of life are sacred, and this beautiful book eloquently shows the sacredness of trees. We are cutting down, or allowing to be cut down, millions of trees a year because we've forgotten this.

I have no problem with the idea of tree spirits because of a personal experience I had. I have been blessed with a tree spirit encounter of my own. This may seem really "out there" to some of the people reading this, but I can't deny what I saw.

I had never heard of (or thought about) such a thing at the time I was blessed with an encounter with the beautiful spirit of a pine tree when out alone in nature one day. I didn't hear anything but I did get the definite impression that the spirit being was as curious and fascinated by me as I was by her. And yes it was a her, breasts and all.

I happened upon this book quite by accident, but it's lovely to know that my deep love of trees and beliefs in their sacredness has been shared by many people and many cultures through the ages. And I'm only one of a long line of people to be blessed with seeing a tree spirit. Many say that only spiritual or psychic people see them, but I believe many more can feel them. I've felt comfort, strength, and peace flowing from many a lovely tree to me, and I suspect most people have experienced a taste of this.

Check out Heather Prestons Book, Tree Spirits: Tales and Encounters for yourself. It's a beautifully illustrated book, and very uplifting and inspiring to read.