Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tree hugging improves your health

Tree hugging improves your health

As a person who has always valued and loved trees, as well as known how healing it can be to be near them, I find it heartening to learn that science is now proving what many of us always knew; being around trees is good for you.



SharleneT said...

Whenever I'm feeling really down, I walk around the yard to my favorite tree, sit down with my back resting on the trunk for about 20 minutes. Then, I get up and give it a hug and everything is fine, again. I can't think of when I haven't gained strength from trees. Thanks for sharing.

Terria Fleming said...

Hi Sharlene, I do something very similiar when I'm down. I just love trees. Out in the forest there always seems to be a grandfather or grandmother tree, bigger and older than the rest, and that's the one I'm drawn to.