Thursday, October 20, 2016

Finding and Keeping Survival Jobs

A survival job is any job you take, often on a temporary or part-time basis, that is not in your field or pays considerably less than you're used to. A survival job, while not a perfect solution, pays the bills, helps you avoid financial disaster, and allows you to hold your head up until you find the better paying job you were trained for.

Adjust your attitude. Arrogance or misplaced ego or pride has no place in any job search. Employers know if you think you're above doing any job and consequently will not hire you. Remember any job is worthy, and your goal is not to make this your permanent position but rather to survive financially until you can get a better job.

  • Prepare for the survival job hunt just like you would for any other job. Dress well, be well groomed, update your resume, and slant it to the job you're applying for. Show up on time for interviews, and research the companies you're applying to so you know what they are looking for.

  • Once you get a survival job, work hard, work smart, show up on time, and sign up for any training programs that will make you more employable. Never talk the job, or your employers or fellow workers down to anyone, anywhere.

  • Apply for more than one survival job at a time if you can work two jobs at a time. Sometimes two survival jobs will be enough income to almost equal your old pay. 
    • You'll be competing with many people, even for a survival job, these days so prepare for your job hunt as well as you would for any other job.
    • Prepare a good resume and tweak it for each job.
    • Dress well, have good grooming, and be prepared for any questions that might come up about why someone with your qualifications would want such a lowly job.
    • Avoid getting depressed.
    • Try not to work so many hours that you have no time to continue your job hunt for a better job in your field.

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