Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Most Popular Blog Posts Ever

Looking back is always fun so I thought I'd show you what my blog readers picked as their five favorite posts, followed by my own five favorite posts.

My Most Popular Blog Posts Ever:

# 1 with 13,408 views:
Trees and 100% Replanted. Replant What You Use.

# 2 with 12,336 views
Presidential Proclamation National Native American Heritage Month

# 3 with 1498 views
High Mileage Trikes $300 Pyramid House & Other Great Inventions

#4 with 1088 views
What Are Your Favorite Blogs? Here Are Mine.

#5 with 1034 views
Inventions and Designs For the Third World

And here are my own five favorite blog posts, in no particular order. I like all five very much.

Speaking Wind Native American Teacher/Shaman on 2012 and Beyond

Decluttering. De-stress For 2013

My Psychic Reading That Came True

Ethiopian Oromo Music by Hanish "amma"

What I Want For Christmas

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